*Pablo Esposito*
Born on March 13th, 1977, in Taranto, I am an established chef in Malta and owner of Da Pablo Trattoria di Mare.
I began cooking at a young age of eight. With the quest to pursue my dreams and unravel myself, I left my hometown at an early age. Since that time, I traveled to several countries like Italy, France, The Balkans, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, and Tunisia in pursuit of inspiration and nourishment for his passions in art, music, theater, and design. It is these diverse cultural experiences and their indigenous flavors that shaped my being and build my archive of taste which I now express in the kitchen. My cuisine evokes an emotional response to his positive life experiences that resonates into flavors, giving shape to dishes that provoke new ones in those who consume them.
I lived in Malta for almost ten years now. The self-taught cook has today proven me in various techniques of modern cuisine like sous vide or molecular cooking, as well as ancestral techniques like fermentation. My reward lays in the happy faces and expressions of gratitude he receives from customers and family, as he continues to change people’s mood for better with a dish.
Those who take the time out to get to know Pablo would describe him as someone who likes fairness, authenticity, and integrity. I am happily married to my wife who love me dearly, and together, we have wonderful children. Ultimately, my goal is to create solid economic foundations with my existing and future customers through my dishes. In addition to being sensitive to Ecology, I am a multilingual who speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish fluently.