Grilling is a fast cooking method that involves a significant amount of dry, direct, and radiant heat. Grilling uses thermal radiation, unlike other cooking methods that use direct conduction heating. The temperature for grilling can exceed 260 degrees Celsius, so you have to always keep an eye on the cooking process; otherwise, the cooked food can burn in no time. The browning of protein and sugar through the Millard Reaction makes the grilled food tastier and adds more flavors to the meat and vegetables.

People often mistake grilling for barbecue, but there’s a distinct difference in both cooking processes. The significant difference lies in the temperature and cooking time. Grilling is a fast cooking method over high direct heat while barbecuing is a slow cooking method over low indirect heat. The thickness of the meat also differs in the two cooking processes. Meat that is thicker, tough, and fatty needs to cook over low heat for a long time, so barbecue is perfect for that. But thin, tender meat and kinds of seafood are cooked preferably using the grilling method.



In this process, the food is grilled over a charcoal fire in a kettle until the edges are charred or charred grill marks are visible on the crust. The caste iron grates offer in the grill provide better durability and searing. Charcoal is stuffed in the bottom of the kettle-shaped grill with a tight removable lid.


The process of searing or rearing meat with an infrared grill is called sear grilling. Propane or neutral gas is used to heat ceramic plates, which then radiate heat over 480 degrees Celsius. In this proc es of grilling, the crust of the food is instantly seared to make it more flavorful. The infrared grill directly heats the food.


These grills look precisely like outdoor grills, but they use an electric or gas-based heating element.


In this indoor grilling process, a grilling pan is used, which is similar to a frying pan but with raised edges to emulate the fictions of a gridiron. These grill pans can be used to put marks on the food before it has finished cooking.


You can braise meat and vegetable on top of a grill. For grill braising, an electric grill or gas grill would be a great choice. This process is slower than other grilling methods and cooks the meat effectively.


You can bake using the grilling method by using a baking sheet pan placed over a grill surface and a drip pan below the surface. Desserts and coated foods can be cooked or grilled using this method.


It is a method of grilling using very high heat overhead or electric gas heating elements. It can be used for tossing, browning, grating dishes, melting cheese, or caramelizing. Grilling food that is thick and contains fat is safe using this method. In addition, it is more compact and requires less space.


Some devices permit simultaneous grilling of both sides of the meat. These devices are primarily used for commercial purposes. Double-sided grilling was popular in the 90s in the USA. The vertical cast iron stove was designed to allow the meat to flame-grill on both sides simultaneously. It also has hinged gridirons like a modern-day oven.


While grilling is a grilling process where whole meat is grilled, unlike other grilling techniques. This is a traditional method of cooking for various cultures. It requires less equipment compared to other cooking methods.


  • Grill grates should be cleaned to prevent sticking
  • Prepare the grill by heating before cooking the food
  • Be conscious and keep an eye while it’s grilling
  • Trim excess fat from the meat
  • Do not spray water to control flare-ups. This will only make the fire worse
  • Keep all the proper grilling tools
  • Apply oil on the food and not the grill
  • Do not marinate the meat with sugar-based sauce because that will cause burning over an open flame
  • Marinate or add the spices to the food at least an hour before grilling
  • Keep the griller away from anything flammable


A vast range of food ingredients can be grilled. Some most suitable ones are:

  • All kinds of fishes and kinds of seafood
  • Various types of meat products like steak, bacon sausages, and many more
  • Offal products
  • Various chicken products
  • Vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, etc.
  • Eggs
  • Few fruits like pineapple
  • Prepared foods like kebabs, hamburgers, and sandwiches